Jamie Smit

Graphic Design Portfolio

Branding + Web Design


The newly established business “Arbles” requested a brand identity that looked young, playful but classic at the same time, targeting young men.

The business creates opportunities for people that are interested in making money by matched betting and online arbitrage trading.

Digital Content Creation

Mission Australia.

For the non-profit organisaton Mission Australia who are driven to end homelessness, I was in charged of their digital content creation to increase donations.

I created Facebook campaigns and twitter ads, as well as designing their digital cover photos, profile pictures, etc. Together with web developers, we also launched donation pages and I created brochures and EDM’s to drive traffic to these pages.

Branding + Content Creation


AFL Queensland decided to rebrand the former “Junior Footy” to “Footy4Fun” where I was put in full charge of its execution.

I created a new logo in bright colours appealing to kids with branding that reflects fun as its main objective. The product designs ranged from digital marketing campaigns to physical flyers, posters and banners.

This new branding rolled out state wide with great responses, resulting in a steep increase in registrations. 

Digital + Print Communication

QAFL Grand Finals.

For AFL Queensland’s QAFL Competition, I explored 3D design with Cinema4D software to create something that looked different than any other design that had been done for this competition before.

Dynamic Logo + Web Design


For Bandviews, a new platform where fans and artists can directly interact with each other through chats and live streams, I was requested to create a logo and web design.

I decided to create a dark yet vibrant style, with a dynamic logo that performs optimally in all lay outs; square, lengthy (vertically) and wide (horizontally).

Digital + Print Communication​

Womens Grand Final.

For AFL Queensland’s Senior Womens Grand Final 2019 I developed and designed that year’s visual concept and created digital and print collateral to match that vision.

Print Communication​

Queensland RAP.

Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan 2018–2021 (RAP) demonstrates the Queensland Government’s commitment to building stronger relationships between Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

I designed the assets for AFL Queensland’s collaboration with this Reconciliation Action Plan.

Branding + Promotional assets


For the newly established business Majani, selling handmade crochet bags, I was asked to create a rustic, feminine yet bright brand style.

Individual Projects.

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